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How to care for your new floor

At Fausfloor® we place great importance on your free time. That’s why we have created a highly stain-resistant laminate floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Read below for tips on how to maintain you floor.

Maintaining Your Laminate Floor

To remove everyday dirt; sweep, dust mop, or clean with a vacuum with a non-beater bar attachment.

To clean, use an approved no-wax laminate floor cleaner as instructed by the manufacturer. Wipe up any spills and water immediately with a cloth.

See additional laminate flooring care instructions in the “Support” section of this website.

Additional Tips

  • Use protective felt liners under furniture legs.
  • Always wipe up spills promptly.
  • Never use abrasive materials, soap, or detergent as they will dull the surface.
  • Never slide furniture or appliances across your floor.
  • Place mats at all outside entry doorways, (both inside and outside), to trap sand or grit before it reaches the flooring surface.
  • Do not use a steam cleaner or other apparatus that may cause topical moisture on your floor.


Remember Laminate floors are non absorbent and they should never be waxed, polished or refinished.

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