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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we receive phone calls and emails from customers asking about our laminate floors. For that reason, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question not answered here feel free to contact us.

Information is separated into four topics: General Product Information, Installation and Care & Maintenance.

General Product Information

Below are questions we receive regarding the our product.

Q: What is laminate flooring?
A hard surface floor covering consisting of layers of materials bonded together including a decor layer which provides the floor it's wood, ceramic or stone visual.
Q: What makes Fausfloor® laminate flooring different from other manufacturers?
Fausfloor® laminate is manufactured using industry-leading surface technologies and processes which give the floor its distinctive realism and durability.
Q: Where can I install your product?
Fausfloor® laminate floors can be installed on virtually any existing floor in any climate controlled room of your house including kitchens and bathrooms provided the temperature remains between 60 and 85 degrees and the room humidity ranges between 45 to 65 percent.
Q: Can I install Fausfloor® laminate over radiant heated floors?

Provided the surface temperature of the subfloor never exceeds 85 degrees Farenheit you may install our floors over radiant heating.
Q: What is the thickness of your floors?
The thickness of our floors range from 8mm - 11.5mm depending on the floor. Please consult the specifications table for the floor you are interested in.
Q: How can I determine the quantity of cartons I need to purchase?
To determine the amount of Fausfloor® laminate flooring that will be needed for your project, you must first determine the size of the area in which you will be installing the product.

Since the product is sold by the square foot, multiply the length (in linear feet) by the width (in linear feet) of each room. In smaller rooms, multiply that number by 1.10 to allow for waste. For larger rooms, multiply by 1.05.

Take this new number and divide by 18.5 to get the total number of cartons needed. Round up fractions to the next full carton. For diagonal installations or other patterned designs, the waste factor will increase.
Q: Do I have to purchase underlayment separately?
Floors in our Cosmopolitan™, Really Exotic™ and Masterpieces® collections come with pre-attached underlayment. You will need to purchase underlayment if you decide to buy any of our Classic American™ or Innovations™ floors.
Q: In the event that I need more flooring, how compatible are planks of a different batch?
One of the greatest advantages of laminate flooring is that there are no dye lots. As long as the product is still in production you will be able to match the two.
Q: Do you sell moldings and/or transitions with your product?
We sell coordinating FasTrim®, a multi-transition system that offers all the transitions you need in one package, and quarter round for every floor we manufacture.
Q: Can I buy your product online?
We maintain a strict policy against buying our product online and do our best to monitor the unauthorized selling of our product. Any Fausfloor® product's warranty sold/bought over the Internet will not be honored.
Q: Can I order samples from you?
We provide free samples to residents of the United States and Canada only. Samples are processed within three business days and shipped through UPS. Delivery times are dependent on your location. To order a sample, click the "Order a Sample" button on a specific product page.
Q: Can I order directly from you?
We sell only through independent specialty retailers. To find a retailer near you, click here.

Preparation & Installation

Below are frequently asked questions we receive regarding the preparation and installation of our laminate floors. In some instances, we have prepared videos to help explain.

Q: Where can I find installation instructions?
See our Installation & Care section to download or print a copy of our installation instructions.
Q: Can I install directly on a concrete subfloor?
Yes, you can install directly on a concrete subfloor. First, you will need to test the concrete for moisture. You will also need to lay a 6-mil plastic sheet vapor barrier, overlapped at the seams of the plastic by eight inches. Refer to the barrier's instructions for installation.
Q: What happens if you don't have the 6-mil polyethylene on top of the concrete?
Moisture could damage the flooring.
Q: Is there any more preparation needed for kitchens?
Care should be taken to seal expansion space in potentially wet areas with silicone.

Q: What is the reason for leaving 1/4'' of expansion between the wall and the floor?
All floating floor installations require an expansion space around the perimeter. Quarter Round or FasTrim® will cover all the expansion space.
Q: Do you have to match up planks?
Some patterns have a pattern match, but most are a random stagger.
Q: How do I start my first row?
Begin your first row in the left corner of your room, against your start (longest) wall. Install one row at a time working left to right. Use spacers to insure proper expansion. Detailed instructions can be found in our installation instructions or watch as our expert demonstrates.
Q: Do I start the second row with a full plank?
Use the cut off piece of the last plank in a row as the start piece of the next row provided the cut off piece is longer than 12". Randomly stagger planks maintaining at least 12" between end joints. Patterned floors should be staggered as required by the pattern. Detailed instructions can be found in our installation instructions or watch as our expert demonstrates.
Q: How do I undercut a door casing?
Undercut door casings completely through and continue to cut into the jamb by at least 3/4". Using a small chisel, remove the debris. Watch as our expert demonstrates.
Q: How do I install quarter round?
When installing quarter round, cope the inside corners, miter the outside corners, and use returns where molding ends. Nail quarter round into the wall base being careful not to nail into the newly installed floor or compromise the expansion space.

Care & Maintenance

Below are questions we receive regarding the care and maintenance of laminate floor.

Q: How do I clean my floor?
We suggest the use of a vacuum with a non-beater bar attachment to remove everyday dirt and a slightly damp sponge mop and plain warm water for dust or spot removal. In addition, you may also use window cleaner to clean your laminate floor.
Q: Can I wax or polish my floor?
Never use waxes, polishes or any type of finishing compounds on your laminate flooring.
Q: Can I use a steam cleaner on my floor?
Our floors are manufactured to withstand only so much moisture therefore; we do not recommend the use of any steamer to clean the floor.