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Online Buying Policy

We realize more and more individuals are using the Internet to purchase flooring and in turn more retailers are using the Internet to sell flooring products. Unfortunately, purchasing flooring over the Internet can be problematic and quality is not always guaranteed. At Fausfloor®, we strive to deliver premium laminate flooring of the highest quality; therefore we offer our floors only through authorized retailers.

To find an authorized retailer in your area, search our Retailer Locator database. If you are unable to locate a retailer in your area contact us and we will be glad to direct you to the nearest retailer. If you do not have an authorized retailer in your area, notify your local retailer that we do sell direct to retailers and they may purchase flooring from us.

Fausfloor® product may not be sold through the Internet. Fausfloor® will not honor any warranty claim for any laminate product purchased over the Internet, nor will we accept returns for any such products.

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